AMTMED started the manufacture of implants and instrument sets with a limited variation used in spinal surgery in 2013.
AMTMED adopted the Total Quality Management system to meet the increasing quality expectations and received the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE quality assurance system certifications. AMTMED continues to work for domestic and international market on the purpose of manufacturing products improved with constant research and development works and in accordance with the changing world standards.

It is to ensure that the quality policy formed by the senior management is in accordance with AMTMED’s goals, that the context of formation and review of quality goals is provided to include the efficiency of the Quality Management System and undertaking for following the terms and to meet the conditions.
AMTMED , has determined the quality policies, company goals and improvement plans in accordance with the company goals, has documented and published them.
AMTMED, has announced his Mission, Vision, Quality Policy, Quality Goals and Quality Undertakings to all his personnel through the boards situated in various areas of the facility and also has trained all his personnel. Furthermore, he confirms these by the internal quality audits that he applied.
AMTMED Quality Policy, Quality Goal and Quality Undertakings are about the goals of our establishment and reflect the needs and expectations of our clients. Also, these are the statement of AMTMED’s determination on quality improvement and development.